The Engi-O Aseptic Combination A5 Filler provides a range of configurations to suit a variety of filling requirements.

The Engi-O aseptic filling equipment has recently passed an independent process authority Food and Drug Administration (FDA) validation in a new installation in North America. 

The total filling time is dependent on the product and supply. As a rule of thumb, there is up to 12 seconds of non-filling time per cycle. The flow rate can be as much as 2 litres per second. So a 200 litre bag would be filled in 112 seconds.

The new generation of Bulk filler has improved movement capabilities with a regular movement with respect to the volume filled.

Convert the filler from an ergonomically friendly front entry small bag filler by adding the lifting mechanism or with a little more effort and adding the in and out motion to an Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Filling Machine.

Adding the rotation to the bulk filler makes it ideal for filling small bags. Engi-O is able to provide a table as seen in the picture below.



Combination Filler A5

These machines are modular and can be arranged to suit the installation.


  • 2-1600L bags
  • 316 Stainless Steel components
  • 1x1.5" Magnetic Flow Meter, +/-.5% accuracy
  • Handheld screen for machine control flexibility
  • Autofill and eject routine
  • Gemu angle seat valves
  • Two hand safety start
  • Optional conveying accessory with remote control
  • Bioflex product hose (US 3A standards)
  • Height adjustable
  • Head retractable and extendible
  • Load cells option for fill by weight


Below is an indication of the filling time. This is for a bag with a 32 mm gland and the product being supplied by an aseptic tank pressurized at 1 bar with a flow rate of 3 l/s and a non fill time of 15 s.

Bag size (L)      Fill Time (s)      BPM      BPH

























The flow rate may vary according to the viscosity of the product and the temperature at which it needs to be filled.
BPM = Bags per minute.
BPH = Bags per hour.

The installation below is a concept for three heads allowing small bag continuous filling as well as bulk filling.